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P.S. If that's the dark side of internet
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Inflation beater savings, £10 Freeview, Tesco £10+ profit, Urgent PPI reclaim, 50% off Domino's, new 1% cashback card, 25% off H&M, £10 Days Inn

Martin's Money Tips email (can't see this properly? Read it online)

Martin Lewis' weekly email
Martin's Money Tips Weds 13 Oct
Cards Reclaim Shopping Deals Utilities Savings Travel Insurance Mortgages Family News

Martin's Quick Briefing

Urgent! Banks trying to stop PPI reclaiming
Reclaim £1,000s NOW in case it becomes too late

The banks have launched a challenge to Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) reclaiming, with some just starting to refuse to process reclaims (a bit too reminiscent of bank charges). This outrage means everyone should check now whether they've been mis-sold PPI on current or past loans and cards. Here's a quick Q&A...

  • How do I check if it affects me? Lenders have consistently added over-expensive and often unnecessary insurance to credit cards and loans, typically costing £1,500 on a £5,000 loan. Millions have been mis-sold £billions worth, yet you can get your money back. Eg, this MoneySaver: "I took PPI because they wouldn't give me the loan without it, that's wrong. I sent my letter and less than a week later they told me I'd get £1,191 back!"

  • What counts as mis-selling? Lenders must check policies are appropriate before selling. If they either told you PPI was compulsory; added it without asking; you were self-employed or had a pre-existing medical condition, then there's a good chance you were mis-sold. See the PPI reclaiming guide.

  • What's the court challenge about? On Friday the banks announced they were seeking a judicial review to challenge the regulator, the FSA's, new rules. The nub of these is where a bank has offered compensation it must notify those previously sold in similar fashion they may be eligible for money back. It's no shock the banks are challenging the rule - they hate this; it could cost 'em up to £2.7bn (see Banks challenge FSA over PPI news).

  • Which banks have put reclaiming on hold? Shockingly, Lloyds (inc Halifax) has decided it is putting PPI reclaims on hold, completely contravening the regulator's ruling that banks must process complaints during the legal proceedings (see Lloyds PPI reclaim hold news). Barclays, HSBC & RBS are reviewing their PPI complaints processes. Santander says it will continue to hear PPI complaints.

  • How do I reclaim if it's on hold? Don't be put off. If you complain and are told your case is on hold, the free independent Financial Ombudsman Service says you can immediately complain to it (good news, as 81% of people going there over PPI win - though it can take 6mths+). Full info in the PPI reclaiming guide.

  • How urgent is this? Very. I remember urging people to reclaim bank charges prior to the hold. Many didn't get round to it and later regretted it. The banks have signalled their intent to stop or limit PPI reclaiming. While they don't have a fleck of justice on their side, we've learnt previously a troupe of clever lawyers can accomplish many things. So while the doors are wide open, then, everybody, everybody, everybody should check if they've been mis-sold and, if so, pursue it.

USE THE MONEY MANTRAS. Before spending (inc. things below), use one of Martin's mantras. If you say no to any, DON'T BUY! - IF YOU'RE SKINT, ASK: Do I need it? Can I afford it? IF YOU AREN'T ASK: Will I use it? Is it worth it?


New inflation beating savings (6.9% at today's rate)
Urgent! Earn interest at inflation + 50% BUT you must lock up cash for 5 yrs
Inflation can eat savings, as it means your cash doesn't grow enough to keep pace with living costs. In summer, there was a furore when govt bank NS&I withdrew its inflation linked savings, yet now... New inflation beating savings: National Counties Building Soc's Index Linked Savings Bond 2nd issue (min £1,000) pays 1.5 times RPI inflation from 1 Dec - until then it pays 1.46%. Yet you must lock cash away for 5 years. Over that time the risk is inflation could drop radically and interest rates rise. This is a complex account, so read the full MSE briefing before deciding, though be quick, there's limited availability and it's likely to disappear FAST. 1 yr base rate tracker: Alternatively lock money away for a year in Santander's* Tracker Bond (min. £10k), it guarantees to be 2.5% above base rate, so it's currently 3% AER. Top rate easy access: Natwest's* E-savings pays 2.89% AER, inc a year's 1.85% bonus starting in Nov. so be ready to switch again then. Top non-bonus deal is Halifax* Web Saver Extra at 2.6% AER with minor withdrawal penalties. All accounts here have full £50,000 per person UK savings safety protection. FULL info & alternatives in the Guide: Top Savings Related: 3% Cash ISAs, 5% Current Accounts, Safe Savings

Inflation beating savings
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Domino's & Pizza Hut Delivery 50% off £30 spend
New restaurant vouchers! All Bar One 3 dishes & wine £15 | Prezzo 2 courses & drink £10

Plus Piz Exp 2 course & wine £10, free Coke at Yates's & ice cream at Harvester. See the Deals Note: Restaurant Deals

Online codes! H&M 25% off 1 item, BodyShop 30% off, Wallis 15% off
Join 25% off Gap (in mag) | Boden 11% off | Blacks 15% off | Matalan 10% off | Barratts 20% off

Plus 10% off + free del. at George (£20 spend) and Clarks. See the Daily Deals Note: Discount Vouchers

Top cashback card - LOWER credit scorers eligible
Get 1% on ALL spending. Make £100+ a year - but ALWAYS repay in full

Spend on a cashback credit card and it pays you a little bit back eg, a 1% card means you get £1 back per £100. Over a year that can add up to £100s. The Golden Rule: Always set up a Direct Debit to repay IN FULL each month to avoid interest, then use the card for all your normal, affordable, budgeted spending (within the credit limit) to build up the cashback (it's not an excuse for overspending). New 1% cashback card: Until 31 Oct, accepted new cardholders of Capital One Classic* Visa applying via comparison site Totally Money (this link's via it) get 1% cashback - though credit limits may be low. Who can get it? It says it may even accept some who've missed repayments or had CCJs previously (though no bankrupts) and using one sensibly can help improve your score - yet it's CRUCIAL you always repay in full or the APR's a horrendous 34.9% (if there's any risk don't do it, the interest'd dwarf the cashback). Earn 5% cashback: Amex Platinum* pays a huge 5% on all spending up to £2,000 for the first three months, then tiered up to 1.25%, yet you need household income of £30,000+ and a good credit score to get it and some smaller shops may not accept it. Fail to repay in full and it's 19.9% APR. FULL info, pros & cons in the Updated Guide: Top Cashback Cards Related: Top Cards For Low Credit Scorers, Boost Your Score

Low credit rater cashback card
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Urgent! Freeview boxes just £10 delivered! But go quick, stock's VERY limited. See the Deals Note: Freeview Box Bargains

£20+ of Tesco rewards with £12 DVD rental (poss profit). Get 750 clubcard points for signing up to a Tesco DVD 3 mth rental trial (min £4/mth), worth just £7.50 instore but over £20 converted to Tesco rewards. If you're just doing it for points, cancel before the trial ends. Full info in Deals List: Tesco Points Boosting

Over 60s MoneySavers. Major new guide!
40 silver saver tips - freebies, pensions, equity release, quick cash & more

Whether your 60th birthday's looming or long gone, we've put together a checklist of 40 MoneySaving tips including... Hidden discounts: How to nab extra money off in Boots, Specsavers, Focus DIY, B&Q, Odeon & more. Pensions & equity release: Find out when and what you're due, and how to boost the state pension. Plus quick tips on releasing equity. Travel, car & home Insurance: In some categories age adds costs - travel insurance can be a nightmare. Full tips to keep costs low. Claim free cash: There's £1,000s available in home and energy grants especially if you've a lower income, plus free bus passes, prescriptions, TV licences and more. These are just the tip of the iceberg, for FULL info see the New Guide: Over 60s MoneySaving Related: Cheap Gas & Elec, Pension Boosting, Cheap Flights, Free And Cheap Wills

Over 60s MoneySaving guide
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£10 Days Inn rooms (usually.£25-£100) with 45p newspaper token. Available Nov '10 - Nov '11. Plus 60,000 £19 Travelodge rooms, see the Deals Note: Hotel Sales

Buddies who like a bargain? Please tell them about this email

Toni & Guy 20% off & Wahanda £5 e-voucher (no min. spend)
New beauty deals! Boots £5 off no7 | Five Bourjois gloss for £4.50 | £19 filled vanity case (was £40)

Join £16 Front Cover palette & mag freebies inc. Clinique gloss in the Daily Deals Note: Cheap Beauty Deals

It's (nearly) Christmas time... 25 ways to save
Too soon to celebrate but it's never too early to start planning

Warning! Christmas will be on 25 Dec this year. That may sound flippant, but many blame January skintness on the festive season, as if it were shock expenditure. To beat this takes prior prep, so we've a new guide with 25 pre-Christmas (or Eid or Chanukah) savings, inc. Don't spend Tesco points in store. Too many save Clubcard vouchers up to buy Xmas lunch goodies in store, yet you can up to quadruple their value by redeeming on Tesco Clubcard deals for gifts, days out, mag subscriptions etc. Let your finances rule: Don't first decide what you want eg, massive tree, gifts galore, plasma telly and only then ask 'how will we pay for it?' Instead, work out your budget first and then how to have the best Xmas possible within it. A YEAR's interest in a DAY. Supermarket saving-stamps schemes encourage year-long saving for Christmas, yet they pay bonuses depending how much you've got in on one specific day near the year's end, so simply put cash in the day before to grab the bonus. Free £90 high st. vouchers: Apply for the right plastic now, use for all spending (always repay in full) and you can have £90 of vouchers for M&S, Amazon or more in time for Xmas. Full details & scores more ways to prepare for Crimbo in the New Guide: Christmas MoneySaving Related: Supermarket Stamps, Budget Planner, Cashback Credit Cards

Prepare for Xmas
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£11 Manchester-London Virgin Train Tickets. Mainly mid-week bookings up to 30 Dec. More info & bargains in the Deals Note: Cheap Train Fares

Bulk buy 1st class stamps: 5% off in time for Xmas. Superdrug's restarted its 5% off stamps deal. Consider stocking up for Xmas (or just buy 2nd class). See the Deals Note: 5% Off Stamps

MORE cash for old mobiles - can be £100s
Find your max payer: new mobile recycling site is top for 60 handsets

There are ads everywhere from mobile recycling companies that'll speedily buy good nick old phones from you, but the amounts paid vary per site and handset. This week another contender launched, we've plugged it into our Mobile Valuer comparison tool, and it's boosted the prices for around 60 models. Quickly find max. payer: The MSE Mobile Selling Comparison tool instantly tells you what each of the main sites pay eg, iPhone 3GS 16GB (top price £236), Nokia 5800 (£85) and Samsung F480 Tocco (£26), though for some old handsets of course it's next to nowt. How mobile recycling sites work: Once you agree to sell, it sends a freepost bag, you post the phone, it gives the cash. Get more via eBay: These prices are the highest listed by recycling sites, yet often by flogging an old phone yourself on eBay you can beat the price. though obviously it's more hassle. Full info on Compare Mobile Selling Sites Related: Cheap Mobiles, Haggle Your Mobile Bill

Check how much your old mobile's worth

70% off Past Times means £3 stocking fillers. Forumites have been digging into bargains at the historic designs store e.g. sterling silver necklace £9 (was £30) art deco pencil box £3 (was £10). More in the Deals Note: High St. Sales

5,000 free £7 Yoga Show tix (includes demos/classes)
We've tied ourselves in knots to get tickets for MoneySavers, valid Fri 29 - Sun 31 Oct

Fill in your details for a free ticket for the show at London's Olympia (Kensington). See Deals List: Days Out

Warning! 2nd cardholders have LESS consumer rights
Pay on a credit card and you've strong rights, but not additional cardholders

As savvy shoppers will know, pay on a credit card for something costing over £100 (eg, flight, kitchen, sofa) and the 'Section 75' laws supercharge your consumer rights, yet there are exceptions. Standard Section 75 rights: Unlike debit cards, cheques & cash - pay in full or part (even just £1) on a credit card and by law the lender's jointly liable with retailers, so you can get money back or repairs from it for faulty goods or if the seller's gone bust - though do repay in full each month, so there's no interest. Additional cardholder restrictions: For 'section 75' to work the contract needs to be a direct one, but an additional cardholder purchase is indirect, so you'd need to show the item had a benefit to the MAIN cardholder. Paypal & travel agents restrictions: Buy via a third party eg, travel agents or Paypal and you've no direct relationship so no S75 protection. Credit Card Cheques: Again here the relationship isn't direct so there's no protection. See the Full Guide: Section 75 Related: Give me my money back, Your Financial Rights

Section 75 - know your rights
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A word to Northern Ireland MoneySavers. We know it's an outrage so few companies include you in their promotions. It frustrates us too, but there's little we can do. Try the Northern Ireland MoneySaving board where you can share specific tips and info that works for you.

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The Big & Easy Ways To Save
Quick links or better still, click the titles for full pros, cons, alternatives & more savings

MORE MONEYSAVING part-time job opportunity. We are looking for a part-time editorial admin assistant to join the team in West London. Read full details.

Cheap Flight Sales

Airline: Ryanair Price: £7 e/w Ends: 12am Thurs
Our pick this week is the Ryanair £7 sale: The promotion's on till Thurs 14 Oct for flights between 1 Nov and 17 December, booked at least 14 days in advance, and includes some taxes and charges. To find them quickly use the FlightChecker on a £7 max search. Extra charges warning: Avoid payment and check-in charges, see the Budget Airline Fee Fighting guide Related: Cheap Flights, Cheap Hotels, Spending Abroad, Cheap Currency, Travel Insurance.

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Great 'Quit it and save' Hunt
People often repeatedly spend on things they don't really need, may it be out of habit, compulsion or otherwise. We want to hear MoneySavers' stories of things given up and how much weight it has added to your wallet as a result. Add your ideas/read other people's: Great 'Quit it and save' Hunt Past Great Hunts: View all

Money Moral Dilemma

Should I ask my partner for the money back?

I've always been careful with money and had a tidy nest egg when I met my partner 11 years ago. He arrived with a credit rating that wasn't great and a fair few debts - I got him back on track and now he has no debts (barring half the mortgage). Unfortunately, his profession's volatile so he's constantly in and out of work and I've lent him money to buy a car and for higher education. Recently he was out of work for a year, leaving me to cover his half the £950 monthly bills. Needless to say my nest egg's substantially dwindled and I've paid out over £20k on his behalf all in. He's now working again, should I expect him to pay back the money for the household bills or just the car and education? Enter the Money Moral Maze: Should I ask partner for the money back? Previous MMDs: View All Suggest: A Money Moral Dilemma

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Great 'Teach kids to save money' Hunt Result
Last week we asked for MoneySavers' ideas on how to teach their kids the value of money. There were some great suggestions, including penny jars, do chores for pocket money and use a proxy.


Quick Forum Tips

Andrea's Freebies

More Tips: Tips, Tricks & Treats Full list: Freebies Repository
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Board Of The Week

Employment, jobseeking & training

Looking for work can be frustrating to say the least, and once found it doesn't always end. This board's for helping people in those conundrums with recent posts such as teaching assistant interview, Christmas job hunt 2010 and can new employers find out previous salary?

Book giveaway RESULT. 'You're Hired!: CV'
50 copies blagged for MoneySavers. Find out if you got one

Question Of The Week

MoneySaving Polls

Q. Should I respond to an email from '' stating that I have a tax refund due? From Caroline, by email

MSE Wendy Answers. A spate of spam emails claiming to offer tax rebates has been doing the rounds for a year - they may be back, possibly due to the imminent 31 Oct deadline for paper returns. The key fact is HMRC NEVER emails people about tax rebates, so it's always a spam.

If you get an email you're not expecting from any organisation, the best option is not to open it, but if you do by mistake, do not click on any links, open any attachments or reply (especially with any personal details). If you did apply for a tax rebate call the tax office to sort the refund. If it is genuine you can handle it that way.

If you think you may've opened or replied to a spam email, remember web scammers develop new tricks every day, it's useful to do a scan of your computer for trojans or viruses. See Anti Virus guide.

This week's poll:

Which gadgets do you have?

Last week's poll result:

Would you use a stolen Nando's loyalty stamp?

The older and more female people are the less likely they are to use it. Four in five males under 30 would, compared to less than one in four women over 50.

See full results and News story

Suggest a question of the week (big general issues not personal q's pls)
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Game Of The Week

Help the cute penguin! Lunnix

Glad they don't do t'weather like that over here

That's it for this week, but before we go, you really need to see the weather forecasts in Greece, quite eye opening, and not 'cos it's sunny - and this is after the main news. It's all greek to me

We hope you save some money,

Martin & the MSE team

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